A library mod for client-side mods. Contains most of the common/shared code of masa's client mods, and adds some inter-operation support between the dependent mods.

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MaLiLib is a library mod for client-side mods, containing most of the shared code between the dependent mods. For example it contains all the configuration options and serialization, a powerful keybind system, most of the Screen/GUI code and a bunch of other miscellaneous utility classes and methods for the mods that are built around MaLiLib.

(The name is short for masa's Litemod Library because I have zero imagination... The mod was initially created for the 1.12.x LiteLoader versions of masa's client mods.)

Mods that require MaLiLib

MaLiLib is required by all of masa's client-side mods, starting from the indicated versions:

There are also a number of other client-side mods by other authors that are built around MaLiLib. The mod project/description usually indicates which mod(s) are required as a dependency.

Mod Versions

Make sure to download the correct mod version for your Minecraft version and mod loader from the Versions page!!

Note: There are both Fabric and Forge versions of the mod! Look at the tagged mod loader or the file name to get the correct version of the mod for your mod loader!

The file name always indicates the mod loader (for example Fabric vs. Forge) and the Minecraft version. The file name is in the format: malilib-<mod loader>-<MC version>-<mod version>.jar

For example: malilib-fabric-1.19.2-0.13.0.jar

The required version of malilib for each mod version may be indicated in the changelog of each of the dependent mods. But basically you want to get the version of all the mods that were the latest released version at the given time, to avoid version mismatches.

This would mostly become more tricky to figure out if you for some reason want to use certain older mod versions than the latest available version for a given MC version. Especially the 0.9.x and 0.10.x version era of MaLiLib for MC 1.12.2 and 1.14.x and 1.15.x (and maybe also 1.16.x still?) were kinda volatile for version compatibility. Also the releases based on the code rewrites, starting from MaLiLib 0.50.0 and going until the eventual 1.0.0 release change lots of things between versions, so getting all the mods from the same release date is crucial.

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