Meal API

Meal API

An API for Fabric to add more filling foods to Minecraft.

Client and server FoodLibrary

Created 2 years ago
Updated 7 months ago

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Meal API

A Fabric Modding API for more filling foods.

Requires Fabric API

Fullness Bar


A new food bar!

  • Not used by vanilla food, meaning this mod has no effect without other mods that make use of it.
  • Usable by modded food items, which can add a "fullness" restoration amount to their food items.
  • The fullness bar stores up to the equivalent of 180 extra food points, in a sort of "overflow" way.
  • Saturation and hunger will always be completely full when the fullness bar is filled more than 0.
  • The fullness bar gets depleted instead of hunger or saturation, unless at 0.
  • If a "meal" food doesn't completely fill the normal hunger/saturation bar when eaten, some of its fullness value will go to making up for that.
  • Since saturation is always full when your fullness bar is filled, you can heal very fast while full, but at the cost of the fullness bar being depleted very quickly.

Frequent Questions

Will it be ported to Forge/<old MC version>!?!??

For Mod Developers

Documentation/Guide is on GitHub, see the README