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Requires Curios.

Meet Your Fight adds several bosses to fight, each giving you access to unique goodies, such as useful curios or cool weapons and tools. Theses bosses won't come to you on their own though, to call them you need to craft the appropriate summoning item and use it, similarly to Terraria.

There are currently 4 bosses, each with their own patterns, craftable goodies, and advancements. More are planned, but may take a long while to come so don't ask for them. They are:

  • Swampjaw, the easiest boss so far, gives you some nice fighting gear
  • Bellringer, gives you access to utility items themed around going through walls in some way
  • Dame Fortuna, gives you luck-themed combat acessories and weapons
  • Rosalyne, Blade of Dusk, the newest and hardest so far, gives you offensive weapons and curios

In addition, the mod has some extra goodies if Guns Without Roses (version 1.0.5 or higher) is installed!

Music by Monkey Warhol and Guifrog, both tracks under CC BY 4.0.

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