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A Fabric Minecraft mod which adds better controls, reach-around and controller support.
Forked from LambdaControls by the amazing LambdAurora, which was sadly discontinued.

What's this mod?

This mod adds better controls, reach-around features, etc.

Haven't you dreamed to travel in your modded Minecraft world with your controller? Yes? Then this mod is made for you!

This mod also adds controller support.

✅ Features:

  • For a nice overview, visit

  • Controller support

  • Touchscreen support

  • Keyboard controls to look around.

  • Toggleable on screen button indicator (like in Bedrock Edition).

  • New controls settings!

  • Many options in config to change to your liking.

  • Many controllers supported and in a simply way your own controller mappings.

  • Automatic support for modded keybinds

  • An easy API for developers to add their own button bindings.

Install MidnightControlsExtra for extra features that might be considered as cheats

🎮 Supported Controllers:

  • Dualshock controllers
  • Dualsense controllers
  • Xbox controllers
  • Switch Pro controllers
  • Joycons
  • Steam controller and Steam Deck
  • And many more!


(click on the image) MidnightControls Trailer


controller_ingame controller_controls


The controller does not work, and its name appears in orange, what can I do?

Orange controller names indicate a missing controller mapping.
Download GamepadTool, create and copy a mapping, go to MidnightControls' Mappings File Editor and paste the string.
Alternatively, you can use AntiMicroX to create the mappings, in case the Gamepad Tool is not working for you.
If that works, you might as well consider submitting the mapping by opening a PR in this repo:
That will make sure other people using the same controller as you don't have to use gamepad-tool anymore.

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