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  • Port to 1.19.3 (temporarily disabled forge and quilt until they're available)
  • Removed custom button tooltip system in favor of the new vanilla one
  • Support for sliders! (Set the @Entry property isSlider() to true, specify a max() and min(), optionally precision())
  • Port to Architectury -> Forge, Fabric and native Quilt Versions!
  • Brazilian Portuguese Translation by @FITFC
  • Fix crash when Integer inputted is bigger than int limit (thanks to @MasterToster)

Port to 22w43a

  • Fix reset button never being inactive for color config options
  • Always make color button non-interactive
  • Comments can now be centered via a property in the Annotation
  • Entries can now be completely hidden using the respective annotation (allows for things like config versions being saved)
  • Reset buttons now get deactivated when the value matches the default
  • The MidnightConfigOverview list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Make more fields publicly accessible
  • Ukrainian translation by @Altegar

Fix crash without ModMenu

Fix AutoModMenu opt-out

Add opt-out from AutoModMenu

  • Update to 1.19

Add support for hexadecimal colors in MidnightConfig
Add Client and Server annotations to hide config options on irrelevant sides
Remove any reference to Log4j completely to be future-proof
Code cleanup

Remove leftover debug info

  • Allow configuring String-Lists in-game.
  • Code cleanup
  • Remove clutter

Make /midnightconfig command only able to be executed by operators

  • Added a command-based way to configure server mods without having to edit the config file (only for dedicated servers)

  • Drastically decrease file size once again

  • MidnightHats: ~ Remove Event Hats (irritating and unneeded) ~ Better Hats for Supporters (Cleanup, code-based colors & more fancy effects) ~ Hats of invisible players are now hidden

  • MidnightConfig: ~ Better support for external value changing ~ Only tooltip-based screen titles now

  • MidnightColorUtil: ~ Add radialRainbow utility for fancy chroma effects

  • Better German translations

  • Fix #1 - Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • The MidnightConfig overview screen button background is now based on the default button texture (Powered by new util class 'TexturedOverlayButtonWidget')
  • MidnightHats is now more performant and has new types of special hats
  • Compress assets
  • Reduce file size heavily
  • Custom lang key support
  • Transparent list background when in game
  • Configurable background texture in MidnightConfig screens (defaults to Deepslate)

MidnightConfig v1.0.4:

  • Number field length is now configurable
  • Fixed number fields being empty

Added automatic mod menu integration for mods using MidnightLib

MidnightConfig 1.0.3:

Text field length is now configurable Better separation of client and server

External resources

Project members



Technical information

Client side
Server side
Project ID