A stealthy mob that pretends to be a chest

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This Mod was designed to be a vanilla enhancement for most of the existing vanilla structures in Minecraft to make the experience more challenging and make the act of looting a lot more exiting. There are few mimic mods out there and most are abandoned to earlier versions of Minecraft leaving the cool mob idea stuck in the past (-1.12.2) but this mod adds the idea to 1.16.5 and is standalone so it can be added to mod packs or for the vanilla Minecraft experience. One problem with this mod is the Jei mod slightly ruining the surprise.

This Mod is fully animated with custom damage... lock, run ,walk ,open / close animations for the mimic.


  • This Hostile Mob has a rare chance to spawn in the place of a chest inside of structures in Minecraft … these structures include: Igloos, Strongholds, nether fortresses, end-city's, jungle temples, monster-spawner dungeons, pyramids and woodland mansions.
  • The mimic is idle until opened or attacked with which it will knock you back and try to attack the player... as they contain very good loot they do a lot of damage.
  • When it spawns in place of the chest it will act like a chest and will not despawn until all items are removed from it or it has been killed.
  • Using an item called the mimic lock will allow a player to lock a mimics mouth and loot it safely however when items are removed from a locked mimic it has a chance to attempt an escape forcing you to kill it
  • A mimic can only be opened when its pretending to be a chest... when it stands up it cant be opened
  • A item called the Mimic Key can be used to tame a mimic provided you find one and are quick enough to catch it.. this mimic will follow the player like pet and can be sat down or stood up like one... it can be opened while sat down for portable storage
  • An identifier of a mimic is the bloody gui that is present when it is opened (a tamed mimics gui is no longer bloody)
  • You can summon a mimic using the Mimic Heart (mimic:fake_chest) .... after crafting it you shift right click it on a Minecraft:chest block and after 4 seconds it will convert into a mimic (it spawns with a random loot pool when done this way.... (the loot pool is configurable via a data pack)
  • The Mimic as it is wood will take extra damage from axes
  • When a mimic is summoned it will attempt to wander and seek out a chest to consume (taking its items and taking its place)
  • a locked mimic cant be tamed
  • a normal mimic should be the one you tame
  • a tamed mimic will teleport when too far away


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