Mining Master

Mining Master


Adds 10 new Enchanting Ores to the world to spice up mining!

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Mining Master is a mod that adds 10 new 'Enchanting Ores' to the game. These ores, when applied to a tool or armour-piece on a Smithing Table, bestow an Enchantment! Using further Enchanting Ores on the same piece of equipment will up the enchantment level, too. The 10 ores are:


Fire Ruby Image

  • Grants Flame, Fire Aspect, or Fire Protection, dependent on the item. Most commonly found under desert biomes.

Ice Sapphire Image

  • Grants Frost Walker, Freezing, or Snowpiercer dependent on the item. Most commonly found under icy biomes.

Spirit Garnet Image

  • Grants Thorns, Leeching, or Loyalty, dependent on the item. Most commonly found under extremely hilly biomes.

Haste Peridot Image

  • Grants Efficiency, Quick Draw, or Lure, dependent on the item. Most commonly found under jungle biomes.

Lucky Citrine Image

  • Grants Fortune, Looting, or Luck of the Sea, dependent on the item. Most commonly found under mesa biomes.

Dive Aquamarine Image

  • Grants Aqua Affinity, Riptide, or Grace, dependent on the item. Most commonly found under ocean biomes.


Power Pyrite Image

  • Grants Power (of course), Sharpness, or Stonebreaker, dependent on the item. Most commonly found in the Nether Wastes.

Heart Rhodonite Image

  • Grants Heartfelt, which can be applied to all armour pieces. Most commonly found in the Soul Sand Valley.

Kinetic Opal Image

  • Grants Blast Protection, Smelting, or Runner, dependent on the item. Most commonly found in the Basalt Deltas.


Malachite Meteorite

  • A meteorite made of two new blocks, Malacrust and Malacore. Contains Air Malachite Ore floating within.

Air Malachite Image

  • Grants Feather Falling, Knight Jump, or Floatation, dependent on the item. Most commonly found beyond the End Islands.



We've added several new Enchantments that cannot be obtained in an Enchanting Table to flesh out some of these gems more, providing a greater incentive to mine them!

  • Leeching - Swords and Axes. 25% of any critical damage dealt is restored back to the attacker as health on-hit.

  • Freezing - Swords, Axes, Bows and Crossbows. Inflicts slowness and Criticals fire enemies.

  • Snowpiercer - Leggings. Grants Speed when running on Snow and Ice blocks.

  • Grace - Chestplates. Grants you the Dolphins Grace effect for a short amount of time, after which it will wear off and only activate again after having dried off on land. Pairs well with Depth Strider...

  • Stonebreaker - Pickaxes. Destroys Stone, Cobblestone, Diorite, Granite, Andesite, and Netherrack, leaving no drops.

  • Heartfelt - All Armours. Increases your maximum health by one heart per level. Damage each armour piece proportionally increases.

  • Smelting - Pickaxes and Shovels. Smelts mined ore blocks! Must be paired with Silk Touch to mine Nether Gold Ore.

  • Runner - Boots. Increases your sprinting speed.

  • Knight Jump - Leggings. Gives you an additional mid-air jump per level.

  • Floatation - Bows and Crossbows. Inflicts enemies with Levitation.

Gem Forge

Early on, you may find the Smithing Table method of enchanting to be enough. Once you attain Blackstone, though, you can take things to the next level.

The Gem Forge allows you to melt down your gems and imbue your Diamond tools and armour with the gems' very essence, creating Supra tools that are stronger than Diamond! (But not Netherite.) Some Supra tools contain over-levelled enchantments, and even when they don't, they just look cool, so what's not to love? (The forging noises are also amazing, thank you for that Ludo <3)

If that's not enough for you though, you can take things even further... Using various different gems, you can craft the Ultima toolset to absolutely dominate the competition! They may not be fireproof like Netherite, but they all sure pack quite the punch!

Similarly, you can create the ultimate armour-set through a similar method. Unlock the true power of Minecraft's movement capabilities with the Paragon Armour!



Want to be a completionist? We went ahead and implemented our very own advancements! Check out the unique page we made for them in-game :D Lots of Sonic references, heheh!

Config & Compatibility


You can disable the 'spawning' of any gem ore you personally don't want to see in the game! Additionally, you can customize the specific spawn rates of each category of gem. 'Common Gems' are the gems we have determined as being less desirable than the 'Rare Gems'. Rubies, Sapphires, Garnets, Aquamarines and Pyrites are Common, whilst Peridots, Citrines, Rhodonites, and Opals are Rare. 'Random Gems' are simply gems that generate regardless of their native biome.

Enchantments & Datapacks

Release 3 changes the enchantments the gems give from hardcoded to malleable JSON recipes. You know what that means?

The selection of enchantments each gem gives is entirely customizable via datapacks! This also means the gems can give other mod's enchantments, too! You can add or remove as many enchantments to/from each gem as you see fit!

(Also, what blocks Snowpiercer and Stonebreaker work on in addition to what enemies are dealt critical damage from Freezing are held in tags, so you can edit those too if you so wish! Check the Data folder on GitHub for more!)

Just Enough Items, Enchantment Descriptions, Neko's Enchanted Books

Although it has its own recipe book, Gem Forge recipes can also be quickly previewed through the Just Enough Items mod! Thanks, Swan! You can also find out what each Enchantment does in-game via the Creative Mode-exclusive Enchanted Books with Enchantment Descriptions installed. Those books all gain unique sprites with Neko's Enchanted Books!

Known incompatibility issues:

Spartan Weaponry - Due to the mod being closed-source, we unfortunately can't work towards fixing the issue ourselves.

If you make any videos on it or add it to your modpacks, please let us know! We're extremely proud of this mod, and we greatly hope you enjoy playing with it!



  • Our wonderful team!


  • Developer


  • Conceptualiser, 2D & 3D Artist


  • Sound Designer

GLaDOS Edition, Luxintrus

  • Additional 2D Artists


  • Additional Development


  • Meteorite Concept

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