Mod Settings for Fabric

Mod Settings for Fabric

Provides an easy to access configuration screen for all installed mods

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Mod Settings for Fabric

Provides an easy to access configuration screen for all installed mods!

Similar to how "Mod Options" worked in Forge, this will add a Vanilla-style menu screen with easy-to-access buttons to get to the configurations for your mods.

You can go directly to this screen using the Mod Settings hotkey. This means there is no need to memorize all those hotkeys for settings of all your mods. The Mod Settings hotkey is F6 by default, but this can be changed in the ordinary "Key Binds" options screen.

I created this mod when I found myself over and over again go into the Mod Menu list, scroll to the bottom to find Tweakeroo or whatever, and then try to hit the configuration button on the opposite side of the screen. With this mod, you can directly go to the configuration screen with just a single button, and unless you have an extreme amount of mods installed, they are all likely to fit on a single page.

This mod requires Minecraft 1.17.1 - 1.19 and the Fabric loader.


This is what it looks like when you are using the mod.

Screenshot of Mod Options menu

Screenshot of in-game menu


Mod Settings work fine with Mod Menu. It does not require the Mod Menu mod to be present, but if it is, it tries to add the "Mod Settings..." button close to the "Mods" button from Mod Menu.

Mod Settings use the API created by Mod Menu to query the mods for how to present a configuration screen. All mods that can be configured from within Mod Menu will show up on the Mod Settings screen, and conversely, mods that cannot be configured from within Mod Menu will not show up on the Mod Settings screen.


This mod needs Fabric API. If you have a modded Minecraft, chances are it is already installed. Otherwise, you can find it here: Fabric API on Modrinth.


The latest version is 1.1.0.

Direct download links for Minecraft 1.19:

For all other Minecraft releases, check these download sites:


Install this as you would any other Fabric mod. (Personally, I recommend MultiMC as Minecraft launcher for modded Minecraft.) I still need help installing this mod


Do you have any problems with the mod? Please open an issue on Github.

Known Incompatibilities

The mod Content Creator Integration versions 1.9.3 and older contains an incompatible implementation of the Mod Menu API. The result is that the GUI scale is changed when opening Mod Settings, even if you do not click the CCI button. The mod hardcodes references to implementation details of Mod Menu itself so the bug does not manifest using Mod Menu. This will be fixed in future versions of CCI.