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The Minecraft Mod Package Manager! Can install mods via commands, search for updates and much more.


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Note: Since 0.2.2, Modget doesn't bundle the Server Translations API anymore. If you want to install Modget on a dedicated server, please also install this API there, otherwise your chat messages will look like gibberish.

What is it?

Modget is the first properly implemented Minecraft mod package manager. In the future, it will be able to securely install mods via commands, handle their dependencies, search for updates and much more. Ingame Example

Why do I need it?

Ever since the dawn of Minecraft modding, players have struggled with finding secure and reliable websites to download their mods from. Although this issue is partly fixed nowadays, with developers primarily focusing on CurseForge and Modrinth, you still have to double-check every time which of the two platforms actually has your desired mod and where you can find the latest updates, since often the devs are lazy and forget to update both.

That's why we develop Modget, a quite ambitious new take on the age-old issue of Minecraft mod downloads and updates. It works a lot like Microsoft's Winget, fetching new version metadata from a central GitHub repository. This allows us to be much more flexible than previous mod updater implementations, which were limited by the metadata provided by Curseforge.

This has the side effect that only mods added to our manifest repository currently work. If you want to help us out getting more mods to be supported, please join our Discord server and we will show you how you can help!

How do I use it?

Currently implemented:

/modget list                     Lists all installed mods recognized by modget
/modget repos list               Lists all installed manifest repositories
/modget repos add <repo url>     Adds a custom repository
/modget repos enable <repo id>   Enables the selected repository
/modget repos disable <repo id>  Disables the selected repository
/modget repos remove <repo id>   Removes the selected repository
/modget search <mod>             Searches all repositories for a matching mod
/modget upgrade                  Lists all available mod updates
/modget refresh                  Refreshes the local manifest cache

Coming in later releases:

/modget install <mod>            Downloads the according mod
/modget uninstall <mod>          Deletes the according mod
/modget upgrade <mod>            Updates the according mod
/modget upgrade --all            Updates all mods

We also have a WIP GUI:


If you still have questions or if you have problems using the mod, feel free to join our Discord server and ask for help there.

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