Mods Command

Mods Command


A Fabric mod adding commands to list, search, and get information about installed mods.

Client or server Utility

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Mods Command

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A Fabric mod adding commands to list, search, and get information about installed mods. Requires Fabric API.


(Minecraft Command Syntax Reference: Minecraft Wiki)

Command Description Permission
/mods [page] [<page_number>] Displays a paginated view of installed mods. modscommand.mods
/mods info <mod_id> Displays detailed information about the specified mod. modscommand.mods
/mods info <mod_id> children [<page_number>] Displays a paginated view of child mods for the specified mod. modscommand.mods
/mods search <query> [<page_number>] Displays a paginated view of mods matching the search query. modscommand.mods
/mods config <mod_id> Opens the Mod Menu config screen for the specified mod. This command is only registered when installed on the client and Mod Menu is installed. modscommand.mods
/dumpmods Dumps the list of installed mods and some information about the current environment to installed-mods.yml in the game directory. When used in game, the contents of the file can be copied to the clipboard by clicking a chat message. This is a diagnostics command, meant to aid in creating more useful bug reports. modscommand.dumpmods

Client Commands

Client commands are commands which are processed on the client and never sent to the server.

All of Mods Command's commands are usable as client commands.

  • /mods and all subcommands are registered under /clientmods and /modscommand:clientmods.
  • /dumpmods is registered as /dumpclientmods and /modscommand:dumpclientmods.
  • The client variants of commands do not require any permissions.


Mods Command can be configured though the mods-command.conf generated in the config directory after the first run.

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