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Your personal safe* storage.

*Storage may not be 100% safe. Monobank Inc. is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property.

Monobank allows you to securely store a large amount of the same item.

Description in text form


• Protected by a combination, blast resistant, does not burn in lava and retains its contents when broken.
• Monobank can be owned by a player or an npc.
• Owner is set to the player that first places the bank.
• Players cannot break (but can unlock) a Monobank that is owned by another player.


• Each Monobank is protected by a combination lock.
• Combination is the sequence of 3 items that must be matched to unlock the Monobank. Only item type matters. Item tags will be ignored.
• Combination is chosen at random when the bank is placed first time.
• Owner can open Monobank without combination.

Lock Replacement

• Replacement Lock can be used to change the lock in a Monobank.
• A new combination must be provided when changing the lock.
• Replacing the lock changes the owner.
• Monobank must be unlocked.


Always wondered where the villagers stored their wealth and treasures?

The mystery is now solved.

Vaults will generate in a village containing several Monobanks and other storage containers. But don't think you can just steal from villagers: any thief, unfortunate enough to be seen stealing, will be punished harshly.

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