MoreMcmeta Emissive Textures

MoreMcmeta Emissive Textures


Emissive textures with JSON and OptiFine files. 1.16-1.20

Client DecorationUtility

Created10 months ago
Updated4 months ago

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MoreMcmeta Emissive Textures Plugin

Emissive texture examples

Emissive Textures, Just Like OptiFine

Add emissive textures to blocks, items, entities, block entities, and liquids without OptiFine. You can play with resource packs that normally require OptiFine (.properties files), or you can create your own emissive resource pack with JSON files (.moremcmeta files).

MoreMcmeta Emissive Textures is a client-sided mod, so you don't need to install it on a server.

Partial Transparency

MoreMcmeta emissive overlays support partial transparency with the transparency option. Combined with MoreMcmeta's smoothAlpha animation parameter, you can animate emissive overlays to create blinking effects. See the emissive documentation and the animation documentation.


You also need to download and install MoreMcmeta 4.0.0+.

I am not responsible for any viruses, malware, etc. that may afflict your computer if you download from other sites.

Please help StopModReposts. Avoid reposting sites to protect yourself from malicious downloads, and ensure developers receive proper compensation for their hard work.

Sodium Compatibility

This plugin includes the Fabric rendering API as part of the mod jar. If you want to use Sodium, you also need to install Indium for Fabric rendering API compatibility.

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