Multi Item Lib

Multi Item Lib

A placeholder mod for the Fabric-Api until better unhardcoding exists.

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Multi Item Lib

A small library that easily allows for multiple types of items for Minecraft's more hardcoded items.

This library will be deprecated once Fabric API includes better versions of this library. This library does not encompass all uses cases for item, but it does with most of them to make the items work with the players.

List of UniqueItemRegistrys

UniqueItemRegistry.SHEARS: The UniqueItemRegistry for shears. Allows for use on entities and blocks.

UniqueItemRegistry.FISHING_ROD: The UniqueItemRegistry for fishing rods. Allows for the fishing bobber to work normally and correct rendering.

UniqueItemRegistry.SHIELD: The UniqueItemRegistry for shields. Allows for blocking and correct rendering.

UniqueItemRegistry.BOW: The UniqueItemRegistry for bows. Allows for shooting arrows and correct rendering.

UniqueItemRegistry.CROSSBOW: The UniqueItemRegistry for crossbows. Allows for shooting arrows and correct rendering.

UniqueItemRegistry.TRIDENT: The UniqueItemRegistry for tridents. Allows for some correct rendering. Mixins will be needed for full correct rendering.