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CONTENT 1.18+ v 1.7.10?

For more info relating to the recode and plans, check the discord or my website.

The mod is being re-coded from scratch with some temporary porting (1.18+). So a lot will be missing atm e.g. animations, armour, and some jutsus.

Now the main systems have been re-created for 1.18 it will take some time to catch up with the features of the older version. However, while we are working on it the older versions will still be available for download.

Though to reduce the gap I will be posting more updates so that there is less pressure on one giant update but rather smaller updates. Check the website for more info and I will likely make a summary video on my youtube channel when I get some time.

The Naruto mod adds various features to Minecraft such as items, mobs, weapons, new player animations and chakra. The mod is still in beta so there are a lot of features still being added.

Some Features

  • New Naruto items
  • New Naruto mobs
  • Jutsus and other ability's from Naruto
  • New Player animations (1.7.10, planned to remake for 1.18+)
  • Chakra system
  • Common Problems

Minecraft Crashes When Started This problem can be caused by a few things etc trying to add mods that are not compatible or download was interrupted.

If you have any issues or want to test newer versions, feel free to join the discord and send me a message. Sending me crash logs is preferable there in the naruto-mod chat.


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