Netherite Plus Mod

Netherite Plus Mod


Do you feel that netherite wasn't fully utilized? Do you want more netherite tools and blocks? Cause then this is the mod for you!

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Created3 years ago
Updated8 months ago

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Netherite Plus Mod

Do you feel that netherite wasn't fully utilized? Do you want more netherite tools and blocks? Cause then this is the mod for you. Discord:


  • Netherite Shulker Boxes

    • Don't burn in lava
    • Still are exploded by TNT, will be fixed soon
  • Netherite Fishing Rod

    • Doesnt burn in lava
    • Double durability
    • Lava Fishing! You can get gold items, nether themed items, and rarely ancient debris.
  • Netherite Elytra

    • Doesn't burn in lava
    • Double durability
    • Gives 4 armor points
  • Netherite Bow and Crossbows

    • Don't burn in lava
    • Damage is configurable, as you can multiply and add to the vanilla base damage
    • Double durability
  • Fake Netherite Blocks

    • Same texture
    • 8 Iron blocks around 1 Netherite ingot for 8 Fake Netherite Blocks
  • Netherite Horse Armor

    • Doesn't burn in lava
  • Netherite Shields

    • Don't burn in lava
    • Double durability
  • Netherite Anvils

    • Never Break
    • Same recipe as normal anvils, but with netherite instead of iron
    • Reduces xp cost for upgrading/repairing items, default of 50%
  • Netherite Tridents

    • Riptide out of lava and water
    • Damage is configurable, as you can multiply and add to the vanilla base damage
    • Don't burn in lava
  • Lava Vision

  • A new effect that grants 0.25 blocks of vision in lava for each level of the effect
  • The only way to get is currently with Netherite Beacons
  • Netherite Beacons

    • Three tiers
    • New lava vision effect that is given based on the number of netherite blocks in the base
    • First Tier is the same as normal beacon
    • Second Tier (Level 2 of the tier one effect or regeneration) can be added to any level.
    • Third Tier requires a full beacon base (up to a 9x9) and gives either glowing to all mobs within the beacon effect zone, or increase the level of the tier two effect (Regeneration 2 or the tier one effect at level 3)
  • Full advancement system

    • Each feature as at least one advancement
    • Advancements:
      • BASE: A Serious Upgrade: Get a Piece of Netherite Plus Gear

      • Falling in Style: Get a Netherite Elytra

      • SPECIAL: Earning your Wings: Fly Ten Thousand Blocks With a Netherite Elytra

      • Safety First: Get a Netherite Shulker Box

      • A Bigger Throway Joke: Get a Netherite Trident

      • SPECIAL: Will-O'-Wisp: Use Riptide to get Out of Lava

      • Iron Defense: Get a Netherite Shield

      • SPECIAL: Parry This you Casual: Block a Blaze Fireball with a Netherite Shield

      • The Real Beaconator: Get a Netherite Beacon

      • SPECIAL: There's Three, Actually: Get a Full Level Netherite Beacon

      • ULTRA: Get a Life: Create a Full Netherite Block Beacon Base

      • Cheap Knock-Off: Get a Fake Netherite Block

      • Weird Flex but Ok: Get some Netherite Horse Armor

      • SPECIAL: Nice Lambo: Ride a Horse with Netherite Horse Armor

      • Shots Fired: Get a Netherite Bow or Crossbow

      • A Waste of Space: Get a Netherite Fishing Rod

      • SPECIAL: Wait Never Mind: Fish in Lava with a Netherite Fishing Rod and Get Ancient Debris

      • Worth Its Weight in Gold: Get a Netherite Anvil

  • New statistics

  • Distance flown with netherite elytra
  • New advancement triggers
  • Full Nethertie Netherite Beacon: triggered when you create a full netherite beacon base for the netherite beacon
  • Construct Netherite Beacon: the same as the Construct Beacon trigger, but for the netherite beacon
  • Riptide Netherite Trident: triggered when you riptide out of lava
  • Configurations

    • All features are fully configable
    • Include or don't include
    • Durabilities
    • Damage for Bows, Crossbows, and Tridents
    • Distance settings for Lava Vision
  • Configuration commands (Beta)

    • Edit the config files in game with commands!
    • NOTE: You must restart your game for most effects to take place
  • REI Fishing plugin (Beta)

    • Shows the stats of fishing in different environments
  • Mod compatibility

    • Trinkets
    • Quick Shulker
    • Shulkerbox Tolltip
    • Shulkularity
    • Mod Menu
    • REI

Potential Features

  • Netherite Food Items
    • Carrot
    • Apples
  • Potion of the Nether Master
    • Similar effects to Enchanted Golden Apple

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