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No Chat Reports

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Disable built-in reporting system server-side


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This mod strips cryptographic signatures that since 1.19 are attached to every message sent in the chat. Removing them makes it impossible to track and associate your chat messages with your Minecraft and, by extension, Microsoft account.

As of 1.19.1, it will also disable Player Chat Reporting.

Installation and Use:

This mod supports both Forge and Fabric, just download the version for respective modloader. It can be installed on either client, server, or both sides, and will function differently depending on which sides it is present at:

1. Only Client: Client will refuse to send account's public key to the server, and signatures will be stripped from the messages that you send. This way it won't be useful to try and report your messages, as there will be no proof they were actually sent from your account. Server will relay them unless enforce-secure-profile option is set to true in server options (which it is by default since 1.19.1), in which case you will not be able to join, unless you agree to sent signed messages (the mod will supply warning screen);

2. Only Server: Clients will still attach signatures when sending messages to the server, but the server will strip them before relaying messages to other players. This way Chat Reporting will not work for any players that join. Players with "Only Show Secure Chat" option enabled in Chat Settings will not be able to read player messages. You can also configure the mod to convert player messages to system messages in order to circumvent that option, though this might break other mods that modify player chat.

3. Both Client and Server: Signature will be stripped on client side before sending messages to server, server will make no attempt to verify message signatures. Chat Reporting and Only Show Secure Chat will not function, and players will be notified that those features are disabled by the mod when trying to use them.

Even though the mod can function when present on only one of the sides, it can be configured to demand itself to be installed on another side in order to play. This way you can install it on server and require all clients that join to have this mod in order to have full functionality, but can also leave it server-only if you prefer. Configuration file is named NoChatReports.json and is located in default config folder.

Additionally, if installed on client, this mod will disable telemetry (similarly to how No Telemetry does).

To make Velocity compatible with this mod, set force-key-authentication = false in velocity.toml. Thanks to MrMelon54 for pointing this out.


See my videos for an explanation of how message signatures and chat reporting work in the game, their failures and the reasoning behind the creation of this mod: