A client-side fabric mod with various changes and performance improvements.

Client Optimization

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A client-side mod that adds various features, bugfixes and performance improvements for specific situtations not covered by other optimization mods.

The mod is developed by Noxcrew and contains certain features specifically intended to improve the experience on the MCC Island server and for participants of the MC Championship event.

The following MCC Island specific features are included in this mod:

  • Adds a custom setting to enable fancy player heads in UIs
  • Adds a system that allows community developers to receive additional information from MCC Island that they can use in their mods.
  • Fixes a bug where name tags don't smoothly follow players
  • Fixes a bug where player heads don't show the hat layer on the tab list
  • Removes flickering on walls in Hole in the Wall
  • Fixes a bug where models stop rendering if you're not looking at the center of them
  • Fixes the background of text displays not being see-through

There are also various performance improvements:

  • Improves performance of rendering custom models
  • Improves performance of rendering colored item models
  • Improves performance of beacon beam rendering

And the following general features have been added:

  • Allows servers to read which GUI scale is used by a client
  • Allows servers to define global CanDestroy and CanPlaceOn tags
  • Allows servers to lock the camera of the client
  • Allows servers to add custom music sliders and play music on them
  • Allows servers to lock items in GUIs in place, preventing them from being moved around
  • Music now continues playing when setting the Music slider to 0% and back up
  • Sends additional information to the server about your UI scale and aspect ratio so the server can tailor its UI elements

And many more features, see the github for more details.

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