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Optimized painting rendering

What's this mod do?

  • This mod optimizes the rendering of paintings, by not rendering the sides of the painting that are never visible.
  • In 24w18a, Mojang added data-driven paintings, which allows for custom paintings to be added to the game, up to 16x16 in size. This mod removes that limit and allows you to have paintings of any size.

How's it optimized?

If you have a look at a painting, you'll notice that on the sides there is a 2px indented frame, so it sticks out from the wall. In vanilla, these faces are rendered for every single block that the painting is made of. This is a waste of resources, as the faces are never visible. This mod fixes that by not rendering these faces.

This may seem like a small optimization, but these tiny faces are equivalent to the full block face, so:

  • Front - 4 vertices
  • Back - 4 vertices
  • Top - 4 vertices
  • Bottom - 4 vertices
  • Left - 4 vertices
  • Right - 4 vertices

Makes a total of 24 vertices per block on vanilla. And 8 vertices per block on OptiPainting.

That's a 66% reduction in vertices!

  • If you have a 16x16 painting, that's 256 blocks, which is 6144 vertices in vanilla, and 2048 vertices in OptiPainting.
  • If you have a super-large 64x64 painting, that's 4096 blocks, which is 98304 vertices in vanilla, and 32768 vertices in OptiPainting.
With OptiPainting Without OptiPainting
Comparison (with OptiPainting) Comparison (without OptiPainting)

This example is rendered without the back face to demonstrate what the mod does. You can see the back of the painting in vanilla and with the mod. (For now!!)

Obviously, if you only have the occasional painting in your world, you won't notice much of a difference, but it is free optimization none-the-less!

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