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Origins Randomiser

Origins Randomiser

Highly configurable mod that assigns you a random origin every time you die.

Client and server AdventureGame Mechanics

Created7 months ago
Updated2 months ago

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Please submit any issues you encounter, or any feedback you have to my GitHub.

If you would like to help translate the mod, please go over to the Crowdin page.

  • Highly configurable mod that assigns you a random origin every time you die.
  • Automatically assigns you a random origin the first time you join a world.
  • Use /randomise to randomise your origin without having to respawn.
  • Operators can use /setLives and /setCommandUses to update the respective values for a player.

  • randomiseOrigins: Master toggle for origin randomisation (except for first spawn)
  • randomiserMessages: Toggle global messages about a player's new origin
  • randomiseCommand: Toggle availability of the /randomise command
  • limitCommandUses: Toggle whether the use of /randomise is limited to a set number of times
  • randomiseCommandUses: Set the number of times /randomise can be used
  • enableLives: Toggle if players have a set number of lives before they are put in spectator mode
  • startingLives: Set the number of lives players start with
  • livesBetweenRandomises: Set the number of lives between origin randomisation
  • sleepRandomisesOrigin: Toggle whether sleeping randomises origin
  • sleepsBetweenRandomises: Set the number of sleeps between origin randomisation