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Particles, automatic registry and general utility lib


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Header A general utility library for content-focused modding on Fabric

Features include:

  • A fully automatic registry system that is designed to be as generic as possible. It is simple and non-verbose to use for basic Minecraft registries but can just as well be used for any kind of custom system that you want to store values in class fields for.

  • A custom implemetation of Item Groups which allows for sub-tabs inside your mod's group, removing the need to have 3 seperate groups for mods with many items

  • The RegistryHelper, a simple and logical way to execute code (eg. registration) if and when one or multiple entries you specify are present in a registry. This makes inter-mod compatibility very quick to implement.

  • A wrapper for vanilla's terrible particle system which makes spawning multiple particles with specified random distributions or precise geometric particles a breeze. This also includes a hassle-free system to trigger arbitrary particle events from the server without much packet setup.

  • Common comparison and verification operations for ItemStacks to make handling them less painful

owo currently has thorough documentation in the form of Javadoc throughout the entire codebase, a wiki with detailed instructions for each feature is on it's way