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A general utility, GUI and config library for modding on Fabric and Quilt

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Created2 years ago
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[1.20+] oωo - 0.11.0



Cross-referencing in UI models

When instantiating templates in a UI model, you can use the new <template-name>@<ui-model-id> syntax to reference a template from a different UI model. This allows much greater flexibility than before in modularizing and re-using templates across different screens.

Along with this change, the <components> element in UI model definitions is no longer required.


  • The blur() surface now supports parsing from UI models
  • BaseOwo*Screen implementations now provide the component(...) shorthand for this.adapter.rootComponent.childById(...)
  • Layers can now align their components relative to Minecraft's handled screen coordinates using alignComponentToHandledScreenCoordinates(...) on the instance
  • Surface.PANEL_INSET was added, which renders an inset area to be used inside Surface.PANEL - this looks very similar to the vanilla recipe book panel
  • Two new components, smallCheckbox(...) and slimSlider(...), were added - they function mostly identically to the already existing counterparts, but (as the name implies) take up less space and offer more customizability
  • TextAreaComponent, a third new component, is an extension of vanilla's new EditBoxWidget for general-purpose use and optimized to play nicely within an owo-ui context
  • ItemComponent offers a new property, setTooltipFromStack, which always keeps the component's tooltip in sync with the item stack it's displaying
  • The height of each line a LabelComponent can now be configured using the new lineHeight property, which allows properly supporting non-standard fonts
  • Components can now be placed at fixed percentage across their parent without respecting the components own size using Positioning.across()
  • StackLayout respects much the same layout rules as FlowLayout, but doesn't place components next to each other - instead it places them on top of each other, thus creating a stack of components
  • Containers.ltrTextFlow(...) creates a new type of FlowLayout, which works just like Components.horizontalFlow(...) but wraps when it exceeds its own width - just like how left-to-right text is laid out in a document
  • Block, item, and entity components now support NBT (and in the case of blocks, block state data) when being parsed from a UI model


Server-sided retrieval of a client's config options has been made more ergonomic. For this purpose, the generated config wrapper now exposes the key of each individual option through the .keys object. Further, ConfigSynchronizer.getClientOptions received a new override which directly accepts the config wrapper, enabling the following API:

var optionValue = ConfigSynchronizer.getClientOptions(player, MyMod.CONFIG).get(MyMod.CONFIG.keys.someOption);


  • owo-sentinel now lists the mod which included it in addition to all mods that depend on owo, in an effort to reduce confusion when mod authors don't declare their dependency (BasiqueEvangelist, #123)
  • AutoRegistryContainer provides two new convenience functions:
    • .register(...), which is simply an alias for FieldRegistrationHandler.register(...)
    • .conform(...), which forcefully casts a Class<?> to a Class<T> for implementing getTargetFieldType() for parametrized classes



  • HUD now processes removal requests before add requests, allowing HUD components to be properly reloaded within the same frame
  • When the inspector draws slot indices in a handled screen, it now uses H: to denote the slot index in the handler and I: to indicate that slot's index into its respective inventory
  • The file(...) UI model data source is now deprecated in favor of a new, configurable hot reload system which is only active in development. This way, you cannot accidentally ship your mod with the file data source enabled, causing it to crash in production
  • NinePatchRenderer was renamed to NinePatchTexture and reworked to function in a data-driven manner. No old functionality has been removed yet, it was however deprecated. More details on how to use the new implementation will be added to the documentation shortly



  • ItemComponents once again use correct lighting on side-lit models and apply lighting properly when non-side-lit models are scaled down
  • LabelComponent now properly fetches the text style under the cursor when determining which hover and click events to execute
  • TextFieldWidget and EditBoxWidget now have their tick() function called when wrapped by owo-ui, making their cursors blink properly
  • ScrollContainer.scrollTo(...) now works properly on horizontal containers and has a new overload for directly specifying the target scroll offset without supplying a component


  • owo-config screen providers are now once again properly listed in Mod Menu


  • ParticleSystemControllers no longer forcefully require handshaking when merely mentioned, fixing optional handshaking (BasiqueEvangelist, #123)
  • By utilizing new API within Roughly Enough Items, handled screens built with owo-ui now properly layer with the REI overlay - there should be no more over- and underdraw

Finally, the following previously deprecated API elements have been removed:

  • VerticalFlowLayout and HorizontalFlowLayout, which have been replaced by instantiating FlowLayout with the respective Algorithm
  • OptionComponent and OptionComponents.createSlider, which were replaced by OptionValueProvider and OptionComponents.createRangeControls respectivel
  • SliderComponent#onChanged, replaced by the respective event stream


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