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Oxidized aims to provide more uses for vanilla copper. Each feature is designed so that it could fit with or stay close to vanilla Minecraft.


Copper Pulsar: This item is an electromagnet-inspired tool. While in the player's inventory, the pulsar will allow you to pick up experience orbs and items from up to x10 farther than the normal pickup range. It can be toggled on and off using right-click.

Copper Rail: The Copper Rail functions almost identically to the Powered Rail. The difference is that a chain of connected copper rails can stay powered for up to 100 blocks as compared to 8 blocks with the Powered Rail.

Vertical Cut Copper: Vertical cut copper is a building block that is designed like a copper block with a line through the middle. This is inspired off of the original cut copper design that was later changed in the full release. Vertical cut copper can oxidize like normal copper but waxing it with a honeycomb can stop this process.

Copper Kiln: The Copper Kiln is a new unique furnace type. This kiln can smelt cobblestone, clay, sand, and logs at extremely fast speeds. The kiln is meant for obtaining terracotta, bricks, stone, charcoal, and glass for building quickly. It functions like the smoker and blast furnace.

Copper Lantern: Copper Lanterns are a new lantern type that emits a green flame. They can be crafted with 8 copper nuggets around a single torch. Copper lanterns function the same as normal lanterns. (Copper nuggets are obtained by putting a copper ingot in a crafting table)

Rose Gold Tools: Rose Gold is a new tool material that can be made in a smithing table. Rose gold does not have an actual ingot as it is crafted with a gold tool and a copper ingot in a smithing table. Rose gold tools provide a similar durability and mining level to Iron tools but they are as fast and enchantable as gold tools.

Copper Pan: The Copper Pan is a unique block that allows the player to passively pan for resources such as clay and iron nuggets. The pan will only work if it is placed in water and on a sand or gravel block. Over time the pan will sift and release items it finds. The current loot pool includes: Iron Nugget (15%), Gold Nugget (15%), Sand (24%), Emerald (2%), Gravel (12%), Clay Ball (32%). The speed at which the pan finds items is relative to the random tick speed.

Copper Golem: The Copper Golem is a mob based on the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. It can be created by placing a copper/cut copper block on the bottom, a carved pumpkin in the middle, and a lightning rod on top. The golem will wander around and can press copper buttons nearby (Copper Buttons have been added but are not yet obtainable in survival). Copper Golems will oxidize over a long period of time, but will walk toward lightning rods in thunderstorms, and will unoxidize when struck.

Copper Trap: The Copper Trap is a bear trap-like block that can be placed down. It is crafted with 6 copper ingots and 2 flint. When stepped on, the trap deals 5 damage and stops the victim from moving away. The trap will open back up after closing for 3 seconds. It can be toggled manually by right-clicking or with redstone (levers, buttons, etc).

[1.19.3+] Copper Barometer: The Copper Barometer is a weather prediction tool crafted with copper ingots, redstone, and glass. When right-clicked, the barometer will provide you with information about the upcoming weather or when the current precipitation will end.

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Credit to zacthornetv for the rose gold tool textures

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