Paladin's Furniture Mod

Paladin's Furniture Mod


A Modern Furniture mod for Minecraft where things are functional!

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Createda year ago
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Paladin's Furniture

A Brand-New Furniture mod for Modern Minecraft where things are functional! It contains over 1,000 New Pieces of Furniture that you can use to furnish your build, while being functional and nice to look at. Everything is craftable and obtainable in Survival so it's friendly, and nice to look at, it has Compatibility with Sandwichable, REI, EMI and Patchouli. The mod has been in development for roughly 1 year but I don't plan on stopping with new updates, adding new furniture and mod compat with other mods!

The mod is currently Fabric/Quilt but I'll be working on a Forge Port very soon. I've got a Discord where you can get support but please report any issues on the Github Issues Page.

You will need Cloth Config for the appropriate MC Version to use this mod I also reccomend installing Patchouli, as it will introduce a Guide Book that will familiarize you with the Furniture's Recipes and how you can use it.

Image of a Kitchen

Image of a Table

All the Furniture has to be crafted from the Wood Working Table, use a Recipe Viewer or the Patchouli Book to check the recipes, I recommend you use the mod with both of these for the best experience. Image of a Wood Working Table

I can't wait to see what you create, Happy Decorating!