Broadcast sound throughout your Minecraft world!

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Broadcast sound throughout your Minecraft World!

Phonos Blocks

Requires Fabric API.
Optionally requires Patchouli to view the guidebook.

Getting Started

You can obtain the guidebook (only if Patchouli is installed) for the mod by trading with a technician villager (distinguished by its red-and-blue glasses and headset, job site is a Radio Jukebox), or from the creative inventory. The guidebook will explain in detail the functionality behind every feature.

To set up your first sound system:

Simple sound system On the left is a Radio Jukebox. This block broadcasts music disc audio to Loudspeakers on the same channel. You can change the channel by interacting with the top of the block.
On the right are a series of Loudspeakers, all tuned to the same channel as the jukebox. They are receiving audio from the Radio Jukebox and playing it. All of the components are tuned to channel 3. There are 20 channels (0-19) to choose from, per dimension.

Some other available components are:

  • Radio Note Blocks, which work like normal note blocks, but are able to send their audio to Loudspeakers.
  • Channel Tuners, items that can set any radio component to a specific channel.
  • Note Block Tuners, items that can copy, adjust, and set the note of any note block or Radio Note Block.
  • Boomboxes, which work like Loudspeakers with the added benefit of playing audio when held.

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