Pickle Tweaks

Pickle Tweaks


Crafting grid tool repairing, paxels, watering cans and more!

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Pickle Tweaks adds a variety of useful Vanilla+ style features and tweaks.

All features of this mod can be disabled individually in the config file.


  • Crafting Grid Tool Repair: Repair your broken tools and weapons in a crafting grid using it's repair materials, just like an Anvil.
  • Paxels: A combination of Axe, Pickaxe and Shovel.
  • Right Click Crop Harvesting: Makes right clicking on a fully grown crop harvest and replant it.
  • Tool Information Tooltips: Adds mining speed and mining level of tools to their tooltips. Also adds amount of valid ammo in your inventory to bow tooltips.
  • Flint & Emerald Tools: Adds tools made of Flint and Emerald.
  • Sickles: A tool for mining plant material blocks in an AOE.
  • Scythes: A tool for harvesting and replanting crops in an area. Also works as an AOE weapon.
  • HWYLA/Jade Harvestability Tooltip: Adds the harvest level of the block to it's HWYLA/Jade tooltip.
  • Watering Can: Increases crop growth speed in an area. Comes with basic (3x3) and Reinforced (7x7) variants.
  • Coal & Charcoal Pieces: Cooks 1 item each.
  • Night Vision Goggles: When worn, grants the wearer night vision. Comes in basic and Reinforced variants.
  • Diamond & Emerald Apples: Apples that provide additional buffs.
  • Item Magnet: Attracts items and experience orbs to you.
  • Meshes: Used to craft Flint from Gravel.
  • Tool Breaking Tweaks: Adds a tweak to make tools and weapons ineffective 1 use before breaking, allowing for repairs.
  • Tool Uselessifier: You can specify tools in the config file that should not be able to break blocks, deal damage, etc.

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