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Use signs to display pictures from the web completely client-side!


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PictureSign allows players to use signs to display custom images in their worlds. The pictures can be rescaled and relocated.

How to use it? Using this mod is relatively simple:

  • Craft a sign and place it
  • Use the helper UI
  • Done.

Manual way:

  • At the start of the first line, write "!PS:" (This indicates to the mod that the sign is a picture sign.)
  • After that, you need to use the first three lines to provide the link of your desired picture (At the moment only .png/.jpg/.jpeg are supported)
    To save space, this mod will automatically put "https://" in front of the link, if it's missing. I recommend Imgur, Freeimage, Pictshare (FOSS) and ImgBB For the recommended sites, I went ahead and added acronyms: "imgur:" = "" "iili:" = "" "ps:" = "" "imgbb:" = ""
  • The last line of the sign is reserved for scale and location properties:

     Width:Height:X:Y:Z   PictureSigns