A mod that shows the block movement order of a piston

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Created a year ago
Updated 2 months ago

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A mod that shows the block movement order of a piston. Thanks CarpetClient for the idea of such a cool tool

Right click a piston base block with an empty hand to show what will happen when a piston pushes / retracts

Nothing will happen if you are sneaking when clicking

It will show:

  • If the piston action will success. A or a × indicates the result
  • The amount of the block that will get moved by the piston (even when it exceeds the piston push limit, maximum 128 blocks)
  • The push order of the blocks to be moved
  • The push order of the blocks to be destroyed

Information will still be displayed if the piston fails to push / retract, but if it fails due to an in-movable block the result might be incorrect

Click the piston again to hide the information display. Information displays will also be removed after a dimension change

If there is an air gap between the piston and a block, clicking again will switch into indirect mode. It will assume the piston is interacting with the block and show the related push / retract information

Press the clear hot key (default p) to remove all information display manually

For mods that modifies the piston push limit, it's currently compatible with Fabric Carpet and Quick Carpet

It's a client side only mod, no need to be installed on the server side