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Control Minecraft's in-game music - In-game music player


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Take control of Minecraft's in-game music - An in-game media player that allows you to create playlists, skip songs, create queues, edit song play conditions, and much more

This mod is in early alpha! It will be buggy - please report bugs!

Feature Overview

  • Play any in-game song at any time (excluding records)
  • Create playlists of songs, all customizable to how you want your music to play
  • Stop, skip, or go back to songs
  • Create queues of songs to play
  • Customize how often songs play (or don't play)
  • Customize which songs play where and when


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You Should Know

  • This mod is in very early alpha - it will be buggy, and I need your help finding bugs
  • The default key bind to open the menu is G
  • This mod works by replacing Minecraft's entire music logic. I have tried my best to emulate it's original functionality as much as possible, and by default, you shouldn't even be able to tell this mod is installed. Replacing the music logic allows for complete control over how, which, and when music plays, and allows for even more customizability features to be added in the future.
  • However, because of this, it is very likely that this will break mods that add their own music. I am working on a way retain this ability without other developers needing to do much. For now, though, if other mods' music are broken due to this mod, this is expected, but please still report it.
  • Modpack developers - you may add this mod to your modpack without asking - though I advice against it for now, since this mod is in it's early alpha stages.


  • Allow bulk editing/deleting/adding to make managing and customizing songs easier
  • Add a Rocket League style quick menu for basic music control
  • Work on mod compatibility
  • Work on a survival-friendly mode that requires you 'unlock' songs before you can play them
  • Integrate records (goes along with survival-friendly mode, thinking of making a non-client sided addon that allows for this)
  • Optimize UI for larger scales and smaller monitors
  • Ability to add custom songs

Other Info

  • Currently available for Fabric and Quilt on 1.19.2, requires the Fabric API (or QFAPI for Quilt)
  • Before anyone asks, a Forge version will be considered if enough interest is shown
  • I will try to push out updates as much as possible, forgive me if I'm a little slow! I've got quite a bit goin' on
  • A wiki and FAQ will be added soon enough, though for now, I'll do my best to answer any questions