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Playlist 1.2.0 for Minecraft 1.19.2 [Fabric/Quilt]


Playlist 1.2.0

Part 1 of a couple of updates meant to add base functionality to create a more complete music player :)

Many new features

  • Volume bar!
    • This one I'm most excited about, since I tried to make it a bit more stylized rather than just a basic volume slider :)
    • Very easily change music volume from within the menu, as well as mute when needed
    • Multiple themes, including a few basic themes, special colorways, and pride-themed themes
  • Selection tool
    • Allows the selection of multiple songs for mass adding and deletion
  • Play mode selection
    • Category-based (default) - Randomly pick songs based on current world/player conditions
    • Repeat - Repeat the current song over and over
    • Repeat once - Repeat the current song once
    • More to come in the future ;)
  • Quickly remove a song's category
    • Added a context menu option that allows you to quickly remove a song from the currently selected category
  • Interlude timer
    • When in interlude, a timer now appears showing about how much time is left until the next song plays

Other changes

  • Modified and simplified the process of editing song categories
    • Removed a button that added an extra useless step and caused bugs sometimes
    • Added a reset button to set categories back to their default values
  • Better toasts
    • Toasts (the notifications in the bottom left) should now position themselves dynamically based on what other elements are on the screen
    • Multiple can be shown at once
    • Updated some toasts to include additional information (such as how many songs were added to a playlist)
    • Now include a timer showing how much longer it will remain on the screen

Bug fixes

  • Crashing when entering The End
    • (Hopefully) Fixed a bug that caused games to crash when entering the end while playing a custom playlist
  • Double playing of songs
    • Fixed a bug that caused songs to play twice at the same time, especially in The End
  • UI overextending
    • Fixed a bug that caused the playlist selector to overextend into the audio controls in some cases
  • (And a few other small ones I've lost track of)

I'm already working on the next part of the base update, it should come out a lot sooner than other updates have, lol.

I feel comfortable enough to bring this mod out of alpha and into beta, given that it appears that most major bugs have been fixed. Of course, though, please keep reporting bugs, interface glitches, anything out of the ordinary! Thank you!

For Minecraft 1.19.2, for Fabric (>=0.14.9) and Quilt (>=1.7) Requires Fabric API (>=0.61.0) (or QFAPI on Quilt)


playlist-1.2.0.jar (2.78 MiB) Primary Download