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Playlist 1.2.1 for 1.19.3 [Fabric/Quilt]


Playlist 1.2.1

A mini-update to support 1.19.3, along with two very small changes

  • Fixed #26 - A bug that caused playlists to be duplicated on resource reload
  • Added a quick link to the issues page in the settings menu

1.3.0 shouldn't be far away, I plan on adding a few new features, including requested features, and attempt to start writing a custom UI library to make the mod a lot more scalable :)

(Also I really hope this release works as expected, I'm out of state with a really poor internet connection so I hadn't had much time or resources to test it too much lol. If it doesn't, yell at me on github!)

For Minecraft 1.19.3, for Fabric (>=0.14.13) and Quilt (>=1.8) Requires Fabric API (>=0.72.0) (or QFAPI on Quilt)


playlist-1.2.1.jar(2.78 MiB) Primary Download