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Important 🐻

Plushables is a mod that works with Fabric and Quilt. You will need to download the following:


Using Fabric Fabric API GeckoLib Patchouli
Using Quilt Quilted Fabric API GeckoLib Patchouli


Using Fabric Fabric API GeckoLib owo-lib
Using Quilt Quilted Fabric API GeckoLib owo-lib

About 🦣

Plushables adds many new decorative blocks that are crafted within a new crafting interface, the Plushable Builder.
These 'plushables' can have sound and particle effects on interaction, as well as animations. highlight

Getting Started 📖

  • Open the Plushable Codex to view the recipe for a Plushable Builder, a block that is used to craft every plushable.
  • Once you've crafted the builder, check your codex again for every plush's recipe.
  • Every plushable needs either a Heart of Gold or a Powered Heart of Gold. Both recipes can be found in your codex. Crafting recipe

Optional Mods 🌻

Plushables has optional features that you may want to use. To unlock everything this mod has to offer, consider downloading any of the mods below to use in your game.

  • EMI OR REI - Both of these mods fulfil similar functions, and you should only install one of them. Recipe viewer mods such as EMI and REI allow you to see a searchable list of every item in the game. This includes plushables and their recipes in the plushable builder.
  • Bovines and Buttercups - This content mod adds mooblooms to your world. With it installed, you can unlock a new texture for the moobloom plushable by enabling a built-in resource pack!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 🧡

  • Is there a forge version?
    Currently there is no forge version. Porting and maintaining both fabric/quilt and forge versions is unfortunately too time intensive
  • Can you backport the mod to Minecraft 1.X.X?
    Unfortunately I don't have the time to backport Plushables to earlier versions. The mod will however support each new version of Minecraft.
  • I found a bug / my game crashed
    If you find any problems with Plushables, please feel encouraged to create an issue on the GitHub repository issue tracker. Bug reports are incredibly helpful, and help make Plushables the best it can be.

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