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Pocket Tools

Tools you can fit in your pocket

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The inventory with several pocket tools

Pocket Tools adds a number of useful tools and items that are used exclusively inside of the inventory. No breaking, placing, or combat, just good old GUI family fun. Pocket tools takes advantage of several of the internal features new to 1.17 in order to bring a new experience not possible on older versions. Some examples of items added by Pocket Tools are:

  • Pocket Furnace - An item you can load up with fuel and smeltable items and it'll process while in your inventory, check out its variants based on vanilla furnace variants.
  • Pocket Jukebox - Discs on the go
  • Pocket Armor Stand - A wardrobe in your pocket
  • Pocket Cactus - A friend that loves to help you clean out your inventory. Careful not to poke it!
  • Pocket End Portal - I swear I've seen something like these frames before...