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Prehistoric Fauna is a Minecraft mod based on time travel and prehistory. Travel to worlds long forgotten, where things long dead still thrive. Bring them back to the overworld, or survive in the prehistoric landscape.

The mod currently has 3 dimensions based on the different periods of the Mesozoic, each with a biome made to accurately represent a geological formation of the time. The mod has 21 different species of extinct animals, ranging from the ancient ancestors of dinosaurs and mammals, such as Chromogisaurus and Exaeretodon, to the giants of the Cretaceous, such as Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. The mod also adds 7 unique trees, 12 unique plants, and much more!

To travel through time, the player must first find and defeat the Henos, the boss of our mod. The Henos will drop a Time Gem, which when combined with one of the fossils will create a Totem of the corresponding period. The portal must be made in a similar fashion to an upright End Portal, although it can be larger.

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