Premium Wood

Premium Wood


A mod adding some trees, and other simple wood blocks.

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A mod adding some trees, and other simple wood blocks.

📚 Summary

Thank you scokeev9 for giving us permission to port and update Premium Wood!

Premium Wood was a mod that originally fixed things with oak and birch trees and it also allows crafting of different colored planks from those logs without adding any new block IDs.

With the updated and port version, we’re only adding the new tree types that the mod added, Maple Trees, Tiger Trees, Silverbell Trees, Purple Heart Trees, Willow Trees, Magic Trees, and Apple Trees.

This mod doesn’t add much in comparison to what mods add today, but it’s a perfect for your nostalgia pleasure, and/or a modpack that replicates Minecraft Beta modded.

🎨 Programmer Art


If you are using the 1.14.4 and above version(s) of our ports, the textures have most likely been updated to fit with Minecraft. Programmer art is now built-in the mod, no extra installation required

🌲 Premium Wood Trees

All of the trees, with the exception of the Apple Tree, add new wood types. You can create all of the usual wood crafted things such as planks, bookshelves, stairs, fences, gates, doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, buttons, etc.

Apple Trees

You can find these trees naturally in Plains biomes. Also, apples can now be “picked” by right-clicking the apple leaf block. After a little while, the apple will grow back. Only blocks that originally had an apple on it will grow back, so the tree isn’t covered in apples. Premium Wood Apple Trees

Maple Trees

These trees have dark orange leaves, and orange logs. You can find these trees naturally in Forests, Flower Forests, and/or Wooded Hills. Premium Wood Maple Trees

Silverbell Trees

These trees have bright green leaves, with white flowers and white logs. You can find these trees naturally in Birch Forests. Premium Wood Silverbell Trees

Purple Heart Trees

These trees have green leaves and the bark of the log is tan but the inside is purple. You can find these trees naturally in Jungles. Premium Wood Purple Heart Trees

Tiger Trees

These trees have brown leaves and the log is brown. You can find these trees naturally in Savannas. Premium Wood Tiger Trees

Willow Trees

These trees have green leaves and the bark of the log is a faded brown color but the inside is dark green. You can find these trees naturally in Swamps. Premium Wood Willow Trees

Magic Trees

You can find these trees naturally in Mountains or Taigas. Be careful when growing these trees! They have a 10% chance of exploding instead of growing when bone mealed! Plant these saplings in a safe location away from anything you may care about! Magic tools are slightly stronger than your average wooden tools. Premium Wood Magic Trees

🤷 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Doesn’t Natura add these trees already?

Yes, technically. Natura is another mod that implements a lot of scokeev9’s mod concepts into one entire mod. Premium Wood is the original mod updated on latest versions of Minecraft with permission from the scokeev9 himself. So far, we’ve updated the overall design and textures of all of the trees and wood types.

🌐 Translate Premium Wood - help break the language barrier!

All translators are credited here that have translated the mod to their native languages. Thanks to OneSkyApp, you can translate easily!

Flag icons made by Freepik from

Deutsch (Germany) translations by: xTomFox, rainhard554, A1403
Español (Mexico) translations by: Vamacheron, BDN27
Français (France) translations by: Sixore
עברית (Israel) translations by: VarielForCode, Ido Dana
Italiano (Italty) translations by: steveper
Polski translations by: Jengordyn, Javorcio, steveper
Português (Brasil) translations by: Tutis64, Vinícius, Vinícius
Português (Portugal) translations by: Godigo_
Română translations by: ARBlueSlime
Русский (Russia) translations by: PinkGoose, mythicaltoastb
Türkçe (Turkey) translations by: ygzbys, gux
简体中文 (中国) (China) translations by: 935484425
繁體中文 (香港) (Hong Kong; Mix) translations by: hongkongmapping

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