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  • Fixed sounds not playing when walking on dry surfaces. #216


  • Fixed secondary volume sliders not triggering a save when changed. #210
  • Added a Toki Pona translation via @ParanormalChicken
  • Bamboo no longer produces sounds when you walk beside them (unless they have leaves)
  • Bamboo sprouts no longer produce sounds of any kind #211
  • Running Volume Increase is now "Speed Attenuation" and supports negative values #206
  • Added a setting to adjust wet surface noises (mud) when walking on blocks in the rain. The default is 50% #209
  • Updated to 1.19.4
  • Fixed water sounds not playing when partiall submerged
  • Improved compatibility with pehkui (footstep sounds are adjusted to your current scale, both in frequency and pitch)
  • Fixed crash when running alongside Pehkui #191
  • Backported fixes from 1.7.0
  • Fixed crash when running alongside Pehkui #191
  • Updated to 1.19.3
  • Fixed broken translation key for the setting beybind @HereticHazel
  • Updated zh_cn translation @GodGun968
  • Added sound mapping for all the new 1.20 blocks and entities


  • Fixed crash at startup with certain mods #181
  • Changed dark log sounds to be more consistent with the other logs #178
  • Updated russian translation (thanks to @xlifi)


  • Removed Herobrine
  • Sounds are now distance attenuated. #158
  • Fixed incorrect subtitles appearing for queaky copper (waxed copper blocks) #159
  • Fixed translation for the auto stance tooltip
  • Added the option to play footsteps for players and hostile mobs only #166
  • Updated the primitive map for all vanilla sound types. Fixes mod support in many cases. #164, #168
  • Fixed sound mapping for carpets #167
  • Primitive mappings are now included as part of the block report
  • The debug hud will now display matching primitive mappings for the target block in addition to all the other sounds
  • Updated translations: ru_ru, yz_cn, ko_kr
  • Updated Kirin to 1.11.1

This build backports all changes from version 1.6.1 and all prior updates.

  • Removed Herobrine
  • Fixed footstep sounds being played twice whilst jumping #153
  • Added a separate sound/subtitle for stone crumbling #153
  • Redid the basalt sounds to remove the sandstone subtrate from them and adjusted the cracking to sound a little less like ice
  • Fixed sound resolution on the edges of blocks in some small cases resolving to the incorrect side
  • Updated to 1.19
  • Added a Ru_Ru translation #132
  • Added a Cs_Cz translation #140
  • Fixed crashes due to entities with misconfigured stances #135
    • From now on any entity derived from a known golem type (shulker, ermour stands, boats, minecarts) will not be able to produce footsteps. Only living things with feet, in essence, are supposed to produce footstep.
  • Added speed attenuation #122
  • Footstep volume can now change depending on how fast you're moving.
  • The amount by which it changes is configurable using a slider in the settings screen.
  • Improved the general layout of the settings screen and clarified what some options do
  • Added a separate volume slider to control your own volume separately from other players - The master volume will still affect both, though
  • Fixed duplicate sounds having a chance to play when both feet resolve to the same material #142
  • Updated to 1.18.2
  • Added a Korean translation #116
  • Fixed consistency issues with sounds not playing at the correct volume #112
  • Fixed messy sounds not indicating their position or blockstate causing sounds to not resolve correctly where they should
  • Fixed sounds playing for players in spectator mode #121
  • Fixed foliage footsteps being evaluated against the wrong location (#111)

Re-released to fix missing audio files

  • Fixed swimming sound spam when sneaking whilst under water (#104)
  • Fixed entries with attributes not being given higher priority in the blockmap (fixes #108 and #107)
  • Block State attributes are no longer case sensitive (fixes #108 and #107)
  • Fixed sounds playing for entities further than 16 blocks away when set to play sounds for only players
  • Updated Kirin
  • Fixed disconnect when receiving invalid sound packets from a modded server #98
  • Fixed github links when viewing the mod's info in Mod Menu
  • Remembered to update the version for the update checker
  • Updated Kirin (fixes crash on startup)

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