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A mod that adds strips of pride flag colored blocks to the overworld!

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Have you ever thought to yourself, the overworld just doesn't have enough pride flag? Well you're now in luck! This mod adds two strips of colored blocks forming pride flags across the overworld. Currently the mod adds 13 flags, attached to certain biomes:

  • Trans Flag: Birch Forest, Old Growth Birch Forest
  • Ace Flag: Sunflower Plains, Lush Caves
  • Non-binary Flag: Old Growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Bi Flag: Desert, Dark Forest, Deep Ocean
  • Agender Flag: Jungle, Sparse Jungle, Bamboo Jungle
  • Aro Flag: Badlands, Wooded Badlands, Eroded Badlands
  • Genderfluid Flag: Savanna, Windswept Savanna, Savanna Plateau
  • Plural Flag: Meadow, Grove
  • Lesbian Flag: Frozen Peaks, Jagged Peaks, Snowy Slopes
  • Pan Flag: Dripstone Caves, Warm Ocean, Lukewarm Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • (Modified) Demiromantic: Cold Ocean, Deep Cold Ocean, Deep Frozen Ocean, Frozen River
  • Aroace: Flower Forest, Windswept Hills, Windswept Gravelly Hills
  • General 7-stripe: All other biomes


Please be aware - the biome rarity / distribution of flags is not meant to be any sort of comment on validity. If you think the biome layout should be different, raise an issue on my Github, or send me a note on discord at snoozestudios#1591. Also, this mod is still in alpha, and that is because I will work to add as many flags as possible! Have no doubt, I stand with you in your identity :)

For images, see my Github!