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Project Table Refabricated

This is a Minecraft Mod for Fabric 1.18.2. It adds the Project Table Block, which may be nostalgic to some people, as it used to be the go-to crafting bench before Tinker's came along with the Crafting Station.


This mod came to be because of the Create: Astral Modpack. In version 2.0.* of this Modpack we relied on the Tinker's Crafting Station. However, it has some issues, such as Quests not reliably completing. Some of the dev team then remembered this Block and wanted it in the pack. However, we weren't able to find a 1.18.2 Fabric Version that met our requirements. So let's talk about the features of this mod.


  • Full REI Integration. The Block is registered as a Workbench for default crafting and has quick-input support.
  • Configurable extra storage. People who know the Project Table from using it way back when may remember it featuring two extra rows of storage. That is the default in this mod too, but you can configure it from 0 all the way to 5 rows.
  • Polymorph Integration, allowing you to select between different conflicting recipes if it is installed.

Future Versions

For the time being, this is a mod specifically for the Create: Astral modpack. Because of this, it will stick to the Minecraft and ModLoader version the Modpack uses. Once the development effort on Create: Astral slows down and I have the time I will look into making this mod multi-loader and update it to newer versions.

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