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PurpurClient is a Fabric client mod that aims to fix various client-side bugs in the game. A lot of these bugfixes end up in the vanilla game eventually, but for those who can't wait, this mod is for you.

PurpurClient is designed to work together with Purpur servers (hence the name), but most features can still be used with any server type, as these are fixes to vanilla bugs that are not caused by Purpur itself.

If you have any questions, please join us in our Discord at

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Current Features in 1.20.2:

  • Customizable mob passenger offsets
  • Adds bee counts inside beehives to debug screen¹
  • Fancy Purpur-themed Loading Screen (can be disabled in the config)
  • Fancy Window Title that changes based on what kind of server you're in (translations can be PR'd)
  • Displays Custom Enchantments instead of stripping them from the client
  • Removes the client-side limit of 255 levels

¹ only works when connected to Purpur servers

Past Features (to get an idea of what this mod has done and will do in the future):

  • Asynchronous chat processing (removed since Mojang's new chat system is confusing)
  • Fix rain particles appearing under water MC-131770
  • Fix sky darkening when riding minecart not on tracks MC-51150
  • Fix chat stutter MC-218167
  • Fix warnings in logs about invalid flying attributes Purpur-744
  • Fix debug markers ignoring the blue and red values that are set MC-234030 (Shows as Unresolved even though it's been fixed)
  • Fix client preemptively removing item entities from the world (MC-???)

Note: PurpurClient adds a fancy animated splash screen on game startup alongside a better window title message. Both of these can be disabled in the config if preferred.


We accept donations via GitHub Sponsors and the OpenCollective.

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