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A really simple warps mod for Fabric/Quilt servers, originally created for (but not during) ModFest: Singularity. Warps are stored in an easily readable and editable warps.ini file inside of the world save.

It adds four commands:

/warp name

Can be used by anyone.

Teleport to the warp named name, even if it's in another dimension.

Supports full lenient suggestions. e.g. /warp salad will turn up a warp named fruit-salad.

/warpother player name

Can be used by command blocks and operators.

Warp the given player to the warp named name, as if they themselves had run /warp name.

Useful for replacing command blocks with hardcoded /execute as @p in minecraft:the_nether run tp @s -27 40 123 or similar. /warpother @p nether-test is a lot nicer and easier to work with.

/mkwarp pos-mode rot-mode name

Requires operator.

Create a new warp where you're standing.

pos-mode can be any of:

  • pos-exact: Keep your exact position in the warp. Players will teleport exactly where you are standing, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • pos-block-corner: Your position will be rounded to a block corner in the warp.
  • pos-block-center: Your position will be rounded to to the center of the block you're standing in.

The Y coordinate is always kept as-is.

rot-mode can be any of:

  • rot-exact: Keep your exact rotation in the warp.
  • rot-45: Your rotation will be rounded to a multiple of 45 degrees.
  • rot-cardinal: Your rotation will be rounded to a cardinal direction.

The name can be anything. Really. Anything.

/rmwarp name

Requires operator.

Delete an existing warp.

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