Quilted Fabric API (QFAPI) / Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL)

Quilted Fabric API (QFAPI) / Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL)


The standard libraries of the Quilt ecosystem. Essential for your modding experience on Quilt!

Client or server Library

Created2 years ago
Updateda month ago

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Provides Fabric API 0.97.0

  • Bump Version (Eli Orona)
  • Update to FAPI 0.97.0 (Eli Orona)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'fabric/1.20.4' into 1.20.4 (Eli Orona)
  • Update QSL and fix #157 (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.96.11

  • Bump Versions (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.6

  • Bump Version (Eli Orona)
  • Fix wrong event. (Eli Orona)
  • Update Recipe Remainder compatibility (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.96.11

  • Bump Version (Eli Orona)
  • Update Recipe Remainder compatibility (Eli Orona)
  • recomment (ix0rai)
  • add comment on how to use maven local dependencies (ix0rai)

Provides Fabric API 0.96.11 Initial release

Provides Fabric API 0.91.6

  • Bump QSL Version (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.6

  • Sync with FAPI 0.91.6 and bump QSL to 7.0.0-alpha.11 (Eli Orona)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'fabric/1.20.2' into 1.20.2 (Eli Orona)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix TAGS_LOADED event not being invoked on client join (apple502j)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • send c:register packet for play phase instead of config (#3544) (deirn)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • fix login network addon not properly initialized (#3531) (deirn)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix race condition when handling unknown packets. (#3508) (modmuss)

Provides Fabric API 0.77.0

  • Merge pull request #141 from unilock/1.19.2 (ix0rai)
  • applyLicenses (unilock)
  • Merge tag '0.77.0+1.19.2' into 1.19.2 (unilock)
  • Merge tag '0.76.0+1.19.2' into 1.19.2 (unilock)
  • Disable Modrinth publishing as its broken. (modmuss50)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Add event for preventing particle tinting for colored blocks (#3146) (#3433) (modmuss, Juuz)
  • Add registry for core shaders in custom namespaces (#3413) (bluebear94, Juuz, modmuss50)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix #3255 (#3257) (modmuss)
  • Bump version (Amirhan-Taipovjan-Greatest-I)
  • Fix Programmer Art resource pack injection support (#2956) (Julian Burner)
  • Create zh_cn.json (#2945) (RawDiamondMC)
  • Update ko_kr.json (#2927) (#2941) (Alpha)
  • Update pl_pl.json (#2929) (Yoosk)
  • Conventional Biome Tags tweaks (#2955) (Maity)
  • EquipmentSlotProvider: Add javadoc link to getPreferredEquipmentSlot (#2935) (Juuz)
  • Fixed end biome source injection (#2940) (TelepathicGrunt)
  • Add 'Windswept Hills' biome convention tag (#2878) (Michael)
  • Update et_ee.json (#2894) (Madis Otenurm)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix #2925: deprecate item functions in BlockRenderLayerMap (#2930) (Technici4n)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Indigo shade related fixes and other changes (#2898) (PepperCode1)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.0

  • Merge pull request #140 from Kneelawk/update/fapi-0.91.0+1.20.1 (Eli Orona)
  • Update gradle.properties (Eli Orona)
  • Update upstream_version (Kneelawk)
  • Fix editor botched gradle.properties (Kneelawk)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'fabric/1.20.1' into update/fapi-0.91.0+1.20.1 (Kneelawk)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix registry resource conditions on loot tables. (#3432) (modmuss)
  • Fix empty storage iterator returning views that become empty during iteration (#3423) (Technici4n)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix log spam with multiple calls to combinedItemApiProvider (#3387) (Technici4n)
  • Fix Doubles not being editable in the game-rule menu (#3397) (Estecka)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix FabricBlockSettings copyOf missing settings (#3373) (Shnupbups)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.2

  • Fix wrong POM value and properly remove deleted apis (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.2

  • Fix issue with publish action (Eli Orona)
  • Fix a left-over mixin from merging (Eli Orona)

Provides Fabric API 0.91.2 Initial release

Provides Fabric API 0.87.0

  • bump version (ix0rai)
  • Merge pull request #139 from cocona20xx/fix-issue-138 (ix0rai)
  • Fix main QMJ (again) (Cocona)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-issue-138' into fix-issue-138 (Cocona)
  • Fix main QMJ (Cocona)
  • Fix main QMJ (Cocona)

Provides Fabric API 0.90.0

  • Sync with Fabric API v0.90.0 (glitch)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix inconsistency of placed feature locations (#3369) (apple502j, modmuss50)
  • Add LootTableEvents.LOADED event (#3352) (LLytho, modmuss, Juuz)
  • Make some experimental APIs stable. (#3354) (modmuss)

Provides Fabric API 0.87.0

  • Bump version (Ennui Langeweile)
  • 1.19.4 0.87.0 sync (#132) (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Manually fix FakePlayerTests (Cocona)
  • Revert "Improve action times (#119)" (Cocona)
  • Revert "Manually backport qfapi 1.20.1/d6e2d1bd for three classes where commit cherrypicking created conflicts" (Cocona)
  • Revert "Do not distribute Fabric GameTest API" (Cocona)
  • One last checkstyle fix for the road (Cocona)
  • Ran the licenser and it actually behaved, thank the gods (Cocona)
  • Manual checkstyle fix (Cocona)
  • Another manual license fix (Cocona)
  • Fix broken QMJs (Cocona)
  • Manually apply license fixes bc the licenser has a tendency to do weird things lately (Cocona)
  • Hopefully finish 0.87.0 sync? (Cocona)
  • Improve Indigo and FRAPI Test Mod (#3208) (PepperCode1)
  • Manually port https://github.com/FabricMC/fabric/commit/44c9c8607280949d52db83537046d47ba16603e3 and qfapi/1.20.1 changes related to it (Cocona)
  • Actually just going straight to 0.87.0 sync! (Cocona)
  • Fix #3255 (#3257) (modmuss)
  • Fix data generation for custom dynamic registry (#3216) (apple502j, modmuss50)
  • A few transfer API improvements and deprecations (#3204) (Technici4n)
  • Ukrainian translations (#3169) (Un roman)
  • Add the cherry grove to the floral biome tag (#3202) (maityyy)
  • Some more TAWs for block creation and block loot tables (#3201) (Shnupbups)
  • Fix Indigo handling of sculk sensor AO (#3200) (Technici4n)
  • Fix crash when beehive is broken by fake player (#3190) (Jonathan Coates)
  • Make event phase ordering logic usable in other contexts (internally only) (#3183) (Technici4n)
  • Fix incorrect behavior with ClientMessageEvents and CommandApi (#3182) (Kevin)
  • Port registry sync api and related changes (Cocona)
  • Add dynamic registry API (#3163) (Juuz, Technici4n)
  • 0.86.0 sync p1: model loading api v1 (Cocona)
  • Model Loading API v1 (#3145) (Technici4n, embeddedt, PepperCode1, Juuz)
  • Update qsl to beta 11 in preperation for 0.86.0 sync (Cocona)
  • Fix fabric-particles-v1 build.gradle AGAIN and also fix fabric-events-interaction fmj (Cocona)
  • Fix quilted_fabric_particles_v1 not having testDependencies (Cocona)
  • Manually backport qfapi 1.20.1/d6e2d1bd for three classes where commit cherrypicking created conflicts (Cocona)
  • Do not distribute Fabric GameTest API (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Improve action times (#119) (glitch)
  • Continue sync/port process on QFAPI side - Bump sync version to 0.85.0 - 0.86.0 will require QSL changes. (Cocona)
  • Merge tag '0.85.0+1.19.4' into 1.19.4-0.86.1-sync (Cocona)
  • Begin sync/port process on QFAPI side - Bump sync version to 0.84.0 - Manually add a required interface injector to renderer-api-v1 qmj (Cocona)
  • Merge tag '0.84.0+1.19.4' into 1.19.4-0.86.1-sync (Cocona)
  • Backport license changes (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Fix missing AW declaration on Lifecycle Events (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix injected resources not overriding certain vanilla resources (1.20) (#3164) (Julian Burner)
  • Add event for preventing particle tinting for colored blocks (#3146) (Juuz)
  • Fix default fluid names for non-placeable fluids, clarify Storage iterator lifecycle with modification (#3141) (Technici4n)
  • Add support for partially synced client tags (#3118) (Deximus-Maximus, modmuss)
  • Add builders for BlockSetType and WoodType to replace registries (#3115) (Shnupbups)
  • Update Finnish translation (#3166) (Juuz)
  • Add vi_vn.json (#3167) (I_am_Vietnam)
  • Update Spanish translations (CoolChicken321)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Interface inject FabricBakedModel (#3099) (PepperCode1)
  • Remove the Retry Release workflow (Ennui Langeweile)

Provides Fabric API 0.89.3

  • Merge pull request #134 from TheGlitch76/1.20.1 (glitch)
  • Sync with Fabric API v0.89.3 (glitch)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Fix bad interaction between FabricDynamicRegistryProvider and modded dynamic registries (#3353) (Technici4n)
  • Biome API: javadoc fixes (#3348) (apple502j)
  • Content Registries: javadoc and small refactor (#3347) (apple502j)
  • Update link to Minecraft Wiki (#3336) (alexia)
  • Fix a testmod (glitch)

Provides Fabric API 0.89.0

  • Bump version (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Do not distribute Fabric GameTest API (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Merge pull request #124 from xtexChooser/xtex/merge-upstream-1.20.1 (ix0rai)
  • apply licenses (ix0rai)
  • Sync with Fabric API v0.89.0 (xtex)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • FRAPI improvements: context getters, full removal of fallback consumers, small enhancements (#3287) (Technici4n)
  • Fix Random mismatch between vanilla and FRAPI baked models (weighted and multipart) (#3282) (Technici4n)
  • Add a method to data generator entrypoints to register custom keys with priorities (#3087) (ErrorCraft)
  • Invert wasDeath and alive signals on ServerPlayerEvents.CopyFrom bridge (#121) (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Invert wasDeath -> alive translation (Kneelawk)

Provides Fabric API 0.88.1

  • Update QSL (glitch)
  • [0.88.1] Merge branch '1.20.1' of github.com:fabricmc/fabric into 1.20.1 (glitch)
  • Improve action times (#119) (glitch)
  • Fix broken version conflict check (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • Implement RenderAttachedBlockView on ChunkRendererRegion (#3300) (PepperCode1)

Provides Fabric API 0.88.0

  • Bump version (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Fix QMJ dependencies (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Update to Quilt Loader 0.20.2 (Ennui Langeweile)

Provides Fabric API 0.88.0

  • Fix module marker (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Bump version (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Sync with Fabric API v0.88.0 (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Update to Gradle 8.3 (Ennui Langeweile)
  • Bump version (modmuss50)
  • BlockView API v2 (#3268) (PepperCode1)
  • Mark SidedStorageBlockEntity's side as nullable (#3281) (deirn)