a silly mod I made when I was like 12, includes rainbow-themed tools and armor

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Rainblow has been archived. Rainblow will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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I made this at a summer camp when I was like 12. It adds the following items:

  • Rainbow: a crafting ingredient that falls from the sky when it rains
  • Rainblow: a slightly rarer crafting ingredient that also falls from the sky when it rains
  • Rainblow Tools: exactly what they sound like (made of rainblows)
    • Pickaxe
    • Sword
    • Hat (helmet)
    • Hoodie (chestplate)
    • Pants (leggings)
    • Shoes (boots)
  • Rain Bow: a bow made of rainbows (in place of sticks)
  • Rainblow Arrow: an arrow made of rainblows (to be used with the rain bow)
  • Rainblow Block: exactly what it sounds like
  • Rainbow Wool: a wool block that includes all colors (crafted with rainbows or with a white wool and red, orange, yellow, lime, light blue, and purple dyes)
  • Rainbow Wool Stairs: exactly what it sounds like
  • Rainblow Forcefield: an item that, when right-clicked, generates a force-field around the player (crafted with 8 rainblows and one obsidian)
  • Rainblow Staff: a wand that can be drawn back and released to fire a fireball. Draw pack part way for a small one or all the way for a large one (crafted with 3 rainblows and 2 quartz)

This mod is only ever provided AS IS. I neither plan to update this mod nor to support it. I made it the better part of a decade ago and have since then only touched the jar to edit my name in the author line.

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