rainbow glow squids, allays and slimes - make your world gorgeous!

Client or server Decoration Mobs

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Rainglow changes the colours of your glow squids, slimes, and allays, giving them all the colours of the rainbow! It also includes configurability through different modes, including pride modes! Make your world gorgeous.

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  • 15+ different available colours!
  • lightweight and removable - after removing the mod, your glow squids will simply revert to blue with no damage to your save file
  • server sync - the configuration file is synced from the server to the client, meaning that all players on your server will use the same options. documentation on this can be found here
  • custom modes - modes are data-driven, meaning that you can create your own modes and add them to the game! documentation on this can be found here

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fully configurable!

  • you can set different modes, such as rainbow, monochrome, pride modes, and many more!
  • each entity can be toggled off through the config
  • create your very own custom mode through a gui
  • you can configure how rare coloured variants of each mob are via a percentage
  • documentation on this can be found here

server-side optional!

This mod does not need to be installed on the server to function! It works from the client side, so you can install it on your client and play on any server without needing to ask the server owner to install it. However, without a server installation glow squids will forget their colours when you leave the world and get new random ones when you rejoin. Colours cannot be synced between players without installing rainglow on the server.

available modes

  • rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
  • all colours - just what the name says
  • monochrome - white, grey, and black
  • custom - allows you to set your own colours
  • transgender pride - blue, white and pink
  • lesbian pride - red, orange, white, pink and purple
  • bisexual pride - blue, pink and purple
  • pansexual pride - pink, yellow and blue
  • asexual pride - black, gray, white and purple
  • aromantic pride - black, gray, white and green
  • genderfluid pride - blue, pink, purple, white and black
  • nonbinary pride - yellow, white, black and purple

mod integrations

  • mod menu (config screen)
  • purpur server software (rainglow is built-in!)


thank you to:

  • thonkman (listening to me ranting about squid ink)
  • my lovely discord members (for being supportive and running some tests)
  • aloki, taledd, a5ho, and jadelily (reporting issues)
  • encode42, billygalbreath and the rest of the purpur team (including my mod in their software!)
  • femboy fishing (providing ambiance while I developed the mod)

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