rainbow glow squids, allays and slimes - make your world gorgeous!

Client Decoration Mobs

Created2 years ago
Updated11 days ago

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  • update to 1.21 (thanks @orifu!)
  • fix crash when glow squids are damaged
  • port to 1.20.6
  • all new config!
    • new, beautified, config screen!
    • provide more information, such as how many datapacks are loaded to add extra modes
    • use quilt config as the backend
    • make rarity per-entity
    • your config from 1.2 will NOT BE MIGRATED! if you'd like to keep your values, please copy the file elsewhere and use the GUI to change the settings back in the new version
  • properly remove vanilla mode
  • updates to server sync
    • sync entity toggles and rarities
    • server sync is no longer optional
  • improve particles for slimes
    • slimes now use slime block particles everywhere - thanks @orifu for this change!
    • fix an overly huge amount of particles being spawned with each jump
  • disallow using dyes on mobs when they are disabled in the config
  • fix metadata for mod menu
  • port to 1.20.2
  • add french translations (thanks desoroxxx!) and german translations (thanks up!)
  • added a setting in the configuration for the rarity of custom colours: this determines how often entities will spawn with abnormal colours. it's represented as a percentage.
  • removed vanilla mode
  • added lime colour to rainbow mode
  • fix bugs with slimes changing colour immediately after being spawned
  • fix client code being called when /reload is run on the server, causing a crash
  • fix config lock happening outside of worlds
  • fix gay pride not being treated as a default mode
  • update to minecraft 1.20
  • add a gay pride mode
  • fix extra newlines being added to the beginning of config files
  • fix some metadata
  • add support for slimes
  • add support for allays
  • add colours for all dyes
  • add support for dyeing slimes, allays and glow squids
  • fix issues with metadata
  • clean up some code
  • add toggles for disabling individual entities from using custom colours
  • much of this release was developed by a5ho9999, thank you!
  • update to 1.19.4
  • merge 1.0.3 into 1.18
  • merge 1.0.3 into 1.17
  • actually fix the issue with the incorrect colour being displayed
  • fix incorrect colour being displayed on entity spawn in singleplayer
  • fix config not being created when not present
  • fix strange positioning of labels in config screen
  • fix config locking happening in singleplayer
  • data driving for rainglow modes

    • modes are loaded from json through a server datapack
    • when joining a server that has modes unknown to the client, they will be sent over
    • modes define a text colour, an id, and a list of colours
  • config sync

    • config sync can be toggled on and off through config
    • when enabled, the client will send its config to the server on join
    • the client cannot edit their config while in a server, either through the file or the screen
    • this mode can be default, custom-defined through json, or even the builtin "custom" mode
    • the client's config is reset when leaving the server
  • improvements to config parser

  • stability improvements to data tracker registration

  • internal improvements
  • stability improvements to config reading and writing

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