An add-on to Spirit that allows you to generate energy from reaping mobs and utilize the data in souls to affect nearby mobs and players

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Made by Terrarium Requires Spirit Requires Spirit

This mod is an add-on to Spirit! It adds new machines, the Soul Beacon and the Reaper Generator, that utilize and generate energy in tandem with souls.

This mod requires Geckolib and Spirit to launch.


Reaper has 2 machines in it, and a few items. The Reaper Generator, which can generate energy from damaging nearby mobs and the Soul Beacon, which can use the souls in a soul crystal to give effects to mobs nearby

The Reaper generator

The Reaper Generator has 4 slots for runes. Each rune has a different functionality when inside the machine, and only a single rune is needed in order to activate its functionality:

  • The Dilato rune will increase the current range of the Reaper Generator
  • The Humano rune will enable the Reaper Generator to extract energy from hitting players
  • The Obitus rune will enable the Reaper Generator to instantly kill anything
  • The Reficiat rune increases the amount of energy generated per heart of damage dealt
  • The Spiritus rune enables player only drops when the Reaper Generator kills an entity, but removes its ability to generate energy
  • The Velocitas rune reduces the cooldown time between hits from the Reaper Generator

The Soul Beacon

The Soul Beacon requires a similar structure to a normal beacon, where the 3x3 area under it (except the middle block) requires either a Soul Steel block or a rune block of some kind. The rune blocks functionality is as follows:

  • The Dilato rune will increase the current range of the Soul Beacon
  • the Beastia rune enables the Soul Beacon to hit neutral and passive mobs
  • The Duplici rune will make the action of the Soul Beacon trigger twice in a cycle
  • The Efficacia rune reduces the energy cost of the Soul Beacon
  • The Hostilis rune enables the Soul Beacon to hit hostile mobs
  • The Possessio rune will either prevent a particular player from being affected by the Soul Beacon, or adds that player to the whitelist of players who can be affected by the Soul Beacon


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