Adds keybinds to keys that aren't rebindable

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Created2 years ago
Updated2 months ago

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Tries to add keybinds for keys that you can't bind in vanilla.

Keybinds Added:

  • Debug Key - Default F3
  • Toggle Hud - Default F1
  • Toggle Narrator (Override) - Default Not Bound (When not bound, it uses the normal Ctrl + B)
  • Inventory Quick Move - Default Shift
  • Hotbar Next (Override) - Default Not Bound (When not bound, it uses the normal scroll down)
  • Hotbar Previous (Override) - Default Not Bound (When not bound, it uses the normal scroll up)
  • Server List Refresh - Default F5
  • Quit / Close Menu Alias - Default Not Bound (ESC will always work)

The following is used by the Debug Key + Below, and therefore won't conflict with any keys not in this sublist

  • Reload Chunks - Default A
  • Show Hitboxes - Default B
  • Copy Location - Default C
  • Clear Chat - Default D
  • Cycle Render Distance - Default F
  • Show Chunk Boundaries - Default G
  • Advance Tooltips - Default H
  • Copy Block/Entity Data - Default I
  • Start/Stop Profiler - Default L
  • Swap Previous Gamemode <-> Spectator - Default N
  • Pause on Lost Focus - Default P
  • Show Debug Keybinds - Default Q
  • Reload Resources - Default T
  • Gamemode Switcher - Default F4
  • Intentional Crash (when key is held) - Default C

Amecs Warning: While the mods are mostly compatible with each other, unfortunately RebindAllTheKeys will ignore any modifiers added to the keybind from Amecs.