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A New Minecraft mod that provides realistic audio physics using parallel wave tracing and an improved physics algorithm.

WARNING: Resounding is currently INCOMPATIBLE with some sound mods.

Examples include Plasmo Voice and Ambient Sounds 5. Resounding WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY if you have an incompatible mod installed. This is an issue that we are actively trying to fix. If you find another incompatibility, you are encouraged to report it on the Discord

Resounding is the evolution of sound in Minecraft. It uses real audio physics and multithreaded wave tracing techniques to add highly immersive sound modulation to the game. Resounding aims to surpass previous attempts by using enhanced algorithms and new techniques, for a unique audio experience that is both performant and immersive. Planned features include physically accurate reverb, Directional wave reflections, Physically-based bounce fractioning and occlusion, Configurable material properties, Doppler shift, Voice chat integration, and so much more. After Resounding, Minecraft will never sound the same again.

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This mod is built to be a client-side Fabric mod. Every part of the mod is fully configurable, and it is all is completely compatible with vanilla gameplay, including custom resource packs. However, support for other mods is not guaranteed.

Resounding currently uses Cloth Config API for the config menu. Eventually, Resounding will use a different config API, but for now Cloth Config is required.

NOTE: Resounding is currently in ALPHA. Critical bugs and missing features are expected. For more information see this page.

Feedback is highly encouraged! Please share your thoughts and concerns in the official Discord server here.

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