Resourceful Bees

Resourceful Bees


Resourcefulbees allows pack devs to create a dynamic number of customized bees

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Resourceful Bees is a mod made for pack developers that allow near unlimited possibilities for bees, our bees can be fully customized to your liking from what item they breed with to what flower they get pollen from.

A resourceful bee generates resources by getting pollen from "flowers" and generates honeycombs in our hives and said combs can be put through our centrifuge or can be used in crafting recipes

They can also generate resources through mutations where you can set a block, a fluid, or an entity to be mutated into another block, fluid, or entity.

We have structures and blocks in our mod that make it so that you don't need a lot of bees to generate a large number of resources we try to make it so that you can instead of just getting a mass amount of bees you can upgrade your hives to a higher tier and then to the apiary which changes the output amounts so that we can compete with these other resource mods without causing a lot of lag.

If you would like to find out more info about the mod or ask questions you can join our discord here.

We as developers know how annoying it is when mods and APIs don't have good wikis or documentation so we tried to keep our docs as good as we can possibly do ourselves so if you would like to take a look at our docs you can find them here.

Note: Set "Generate Default Bees" in our config to false if you would like to override default bees.

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