ReWorld - Minecraft mod, that improves vanilla Overworld. New agricultures (like bush of peppers, fiber bush, and food from them) New mechanisms from redstone(like redstone spikes and redstone miner) New biomes and mini-bosses. And new adventures...

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  • Geckolib
  • TerraBlender


  • New Mechanics
  • New Plants
  • New Biomes
  • New Mini-Bosses
  • And many, many adventures!

I always wanted to somehow supplement vanilla minecraft with different biomes, mobs, mechanics and items, and we wanted to make it a reality. Thanks to the ReWorld mod, 7 new bosses, 7 or even more biomes will be added to minecraft (so far there are 3 bosses, and 4 biomes), functional blocks such as redstone spikes will also be added, they act as dripstone, still a redstone miner, he just digs a block in front of him and many other blocks that have not yet been developed. Also, along with the mod, new plants are added: decorative and functional (different mushrooms, edible roots, pitaya, physalis, melothria, different flowers). The combination of biomes and bosses fit harmoniously. In general, the biomes are made in a vanilla and pleasant style.

I was constantly infuriated by the fact that in the java version, the armor stand has no arms, well, this has been fixed (we will finalize minor flaws).

Note: if the armor stand does not have arms, it will not be able to change!

Now, if you place an armor stand, he will immediately have hands, but there are also several chips, such as, if you put it in armor hands:

  • a stick, then armor hands will be removed;
  • a smooth stone slab in armor hands, then the base plate will be removed;
  • a glow ink sac in armor hands, then the armor stand will glow;
  • a wooden axe in armor hands, then the armor stand will become smaller;
  • a fire charge in armor hands, then the armor stand will be lit;
  • a tripwire hook in armor hands, then Custom Name will be displayed;
  • Creatives only: equipping structure void will make the armor stand invisible.

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