Fabric 1.20 mod for the SwitchCraft server. "Lemmmy's bag of tricks" - a collection of tiny additions designed for the SwitchCraft server in the style of many older mods. Highly opinionated.



  • Basic iron chests, in the style of cpw's ironchest.
    • This is a significantly more primitive take on the iron chests concept with "no BS" - it simply adds iron, gold, and diamond versions of chests, barrels and shulker boxes.
    • Also adds a Barrel Hammer that allows you to convert Chests to Barrels and vice versa.
  • EnderStorage style chests.
  • Hover Boots, in the style of OpenComputers.
  • Item Magnet
  • Dragon Scales, in the style of Quark.
  • Dyeable Elytra, in the style of Quark. Adds Elytra in the 16 dye colors, as well as a few special ones.
  • Ancient Tomes, in the style of Quark.
  • Popcorn
  • Concrete stairs and slabs, speed-up when walking on concrete
  • Endermites bury into Purpur Blocks to form Shulkers, similar to Quark.
  • Sakura Trees, Maple Trees, Peppy Trees
  • Pink Grass, Autumn Grass, Peppy Grass


Modpack use: allowed

This mod (sc-goodies) was created primarily for use by the SwitchCraft server, but you are allowed to use the mod in your own modpack. The mod is provided as-is: there is a hodgepodge of features, and it is not planned to make the feature set configurable for other people's needs; it is created specifically for SwitchCraft.

Please note that each custom SwitchCraft mod has its own license, so check the license of each mod before using it in your modpack.


This mod and its source code is licensed under the MIT license.

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