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A client-side data-driven mod that connects the outlines of double blocks, like doors and beds. The mod is entirely configurable through resource packs, which allows any combined block, no matter its size, to have one big outline.

architectury-api Fabric API Forge

Connected outlines for:

  • Doors
  • Beds
  • Double Chests
  • Large Plants, like Tall Grass, Peonies and Pitcher Plants
  • Small Dripleaves
  • Pistons
  • Tall Seagrass
  • Pitcher Plant Crops

Most modded Plants, Doors, Chests and Beds should work too!

It's completely data-driven!

This means that you can add compatibility for any mod yourself, through simple resource packs.
Want to learn how? Take a look at the Docs.

Built-in compatibility with:

  • Create (Glass, Train, Brass, Copper and Andesite Doors)
  • Supplementaries (Flax, Spring Launchers)
  • Fast Paintings (Paintings)
  • Farmer's Delight (Rice, Full Tatami Mats)
  • Haunted harvest (Corn)
  • Sleep Tight (Hammocks, Night Bags)
  • Waystones (Waystones)
  • Upgrade Aquatic (Bedrolls, Flowering Rush, Pickerelweed, Beach Grass)
  • Biomes o' Plenty (Brimstone Clusters, Eyebulbs)
  • Environmental (Cattails, Large and Giant Lily Pads, Tall Dead Bushes)
  • Atmospheric (Water Hyacinths, Yucca Flowers)

Got a suggestion? Please let me know!

Mods that added their own compat:

  • Comforts (Sleeping Bags, Hammocks)
  • Dramatic Doors (Tall Doors)

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